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The new retreat


Straight legs sitting
Intensive Training


Straight legs sitting is a way

to develop practise to tao level


One month long online retreat 

October 14th - Nov 8th 2020

3 sessions a week :

wednesday, saturday & sunday


14h30 – 17h Paris time

20:30 – 23:00 pm Beijing time

2.5 hours each session

At the Huaxia centre of Qinhuangdao city,
In the last two-years teacher training class in 1999,
Doctor Pang taught for the first time the Straight legs sitting to all students in a special cave of the centre. That was the first and only time doctor Pang taught the straight legs sitting formally and systematically.

Since then, the straight legs sitting developed for more than twenty years.


It looks simple, simple but not simple. In fact, for Qigong science, the more simple it is, the more advanced it is. For example, we practice Yiyuanti and true self with just one sound, no intellectual meaning, but it contains all things

Straight legs sitting is not only a method.

It is a special system in Qigong practice.

It is the way to develop the practise to the Tao level. 

It has a particular theory. It includes different methods with different stages. All methods are simple. We mostly use consciousness and Yiyuanti.

At the beginning, we need to use strength and physical force. Gradually, as the body become very energetic, we have strong strength and vitality. We start to use consciousness and Yiyuanti more. We go into deeper and higher practice state.

Everyone can learn and practice it. It is especially good for middle aged and elderly people. But it is more suitable for people who already practiced Qigong over one year.


We will practise and learn how to :

Deeply and quickly improve our health level and life state

  • Open and loose the spine

  • Open and loose Mingmen and lower back

Strengthen body force and vitality

  • Enhance kidney’s Qi and its functions

  • Strengthen reproductive system Qi and Huiyin

Strengthen congenital Qi and information

  • Merge acquired Qi and congenital Qi into a more complete Qi

  • Transform Jing into Qi to nourish the brain and Yiyuanti

Deeply improve our Qigong level 

  • Better access to the scientific Qi field of three level of matter theory

  • Evolve our practise to ‘’Tao’’ level


  • Yiyuanti theory

  • The three level theory of matter

  • How to learn the straight legs sitting accurately

  • How to use the body strength in straight legs sitting

  • About the Hun yuan shen shi-congenital Qi field

  • How to open and loose the mingmen and the spine

  • How to transform Jing into Qi to nourish the whole life and the brain

  • About the Mingjing of straight legs sitting

  • What are the keys of straight legs sitting

  • How to practice the straight legs sitting well


The straight legs sitting
1.First step
2.Second step
3.Third step

Other Methods

 Hun yuan shen shi laqi

Open and loosen the spine

Ming men laqi with breath

Material needed

Everyone need a long cloth mat or a yoga mat,
Or a flat and hard bed
We will be often sitted on floor or lied down

Xi’an centre's teachers team

Teacher Yuan

Teacher Gao

Teacher Huang

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The class will be only in english
The retreat will be translated simultaneously into different languages into other zoom rooms. There will translation in italian, spanish, portughese, hebrew, german, french, indie.
If you need a translation, register directly with your organiser,
You can send an email here to have the list of the translation available

Retreat fees

First retreat : 250usd

Second retreat or more : 230usd

Recordings only : 220usd


This include :
12 sessions during one month (30h)

Online access and download to video and audio recordings
An online practioners community to support
our practice, teaching and blossoming process

The support of the yiyuanti information and qi field
for everyone to get that he really wants.


For english speaker class
Participants will send directly their payment to chinese teachers.
we propose two paypal accounts for that : teacher Gao teacher Yuan
Once the payment is made send an email to the teacher.
If the paypal account is not suitable for you, write an email to teacher Gao and teacher Yuan to have their bank details.


For translated classes
Participants will register and pay directly to their translator.
You can send an email here to have the list of the translation available :


Complete the english form below.

If you want to register for a translated class, see directly with your translator or send a mail to the mail above for more details.

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