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Stage de pleine conscience et joie

Teacher Wei comes back to France !
Mindfulness and joy retreat
5 days from october 17th to 21th
Online and face to face

The whole course is in english, you can choose between :
1. The face-to-face course in Ardèche.
2. The online course from home, 2 hours a day from 3pm to 5pm Paris time.

The online session will be on It wil be held on this schedule : Around 1h on the evening of October 17, then from October 18 to 21 from 3pm to 5pm, Central europe time. It will be live session with teacher Wei, only in english. All is recorded and viewable online. For 120€


Professeur Wei souriant

Open our baby heart

Let's be simple of heart, happy and playful like a child. Let's laugh, smile and celebrate life to open our big free heart.

Changing our lifestyle and thought patterns

Renew our thought patterns to make them harmonious. Heal our emotional traumas and negative reactions. Adopt a new, positive lifestyle

Awaken our consciousness

and use it

Let's develop a new lifestyle based on consciousness and its ability to change our lives. Let's create information to heal all our problems.

Becoming fully aware, fully present

Let's return to our true being, true love.

Developing our super abilities

Open and purify the body of internal energy blockages and heal the entire physical body

Increase vitality and energy

Let's increase the body's vitality and energy. Let's circulate energy abundantly to create a good foundation for good health.

The workshop is opened to all !

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, whatever your physical condition, you can benefit from this workshop. We'll use simple, effective movements and meditations to go deep and transform our lives. You'll benefit from an online group where you can share with a community of practitioners who are evolving right along with you.


There are two options for this course:

1. You can attend the retreat live
2. You can follow the course via

Face-to-face: The retreat begins on October 17 with dinner, and ends on October 21 mid-afternoon.
Times are 9am - 12pm, 3
pm - 7pm, 8:30pm - 9:30pm.

By internet: On the evening of October 17
from 8h30 pm, then from October 18 to 21 from 3pm to 5pm live with Professor Wei, the large field of consciousness and the French translation. All time are paris time. All recorded and viewable online.


Tuition fees :
Face to face

Before june 30 : 430

After june 30 : 460€

Online : 120€

Price all included, accomodations and food

Double room €337
Single room €356
Superior single or couple room (king-size bed and more comfort) 452€.
Money shouldn't be a barrier to participating in the opening up of our child's heart. We can agree on easy payment methods together by e-mail to

You can come for a day for 90€/day of teaching costs (to which you will add accommodation and/or catering costs).

Payment for accommodation and meals is made directly on arrival.

If you have a special diet, please notify us when you register.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel before August 15, the deposit will be refunded. If you cancel after this date, you will be billed for the deposit and the cost of accommodation and catering.




If you have any questions, please send
a message to
Registration will be finalized after payment of a deposit of 150€. Bank details will be sent to you by e-mail after registration.


Face-to-face, we'll be staying at the 2-star Charles Foucauld hotel in Viviers, in the southern Ardèche region. This is a former 17th-century seminary whose original architecture has been preserved. There's a mix of modernity and old stone, wood panelling in the rooms and railings on the spiral staircases. The town of Viviers has a rich history and seems to be a powerful place of energy, since the Romans established France's first bishopric here.

Visit the site here

The workshop is guided by teacher Wei

Professor Wei Qifeng trained for 2 years as a Zhineng qigong teacher at the world's largest drug-free hospital, Dr. Pang Ming's Huaxia Center. He then worked at the center for many years. These special skills enabled him to be one of the teachers who guided the practice of all the other teachers and therapists at the center. He was part of a small practice group chosen by Dr. Pang Ming to develop new qigong methods.

He has traveled to many countries around the world to share confidence, love, enlightenment and joy through the practice of zhineng qigong. He is the leader of the Global Consciousness Community, which brings together over 30 communities in different countries around the world to spread awakening, love and joy in society and in the hearts of all those who wish to do so.


Stage de pleine conscience et de soin
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