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Xi'an Center Healings and  workshops

Free online sessions

The Xi'an center and the Hainan center

invite you to

3 free online sessions :

Friday july 10

4 pm Paris time

10 pm Beijing time

Saturday 11

Sunday 12

1 pm Paris time

7 pm Beijing time


Find your timeline here :

Qigong science wish to unite all human beings together to create a world of peace, harmony, joy and love. Our pure consciousness (yiyuanti) originally is pure and loveful. It makes no differences between skin colors, social origins, nationalities or possessions. We are all equal in our heart. We are one with nature and all living beings. Earth feeds us all. Universe animates us. We are the children of earth and universe. Together, we are humans. In order to go beyond our differences, we need to come back to our pure heart, our pure consciousness : Yiyuanti. These sessions will help us to do so.


There is a qi field, information and consciousness field that bound us all. We are one in the universe. We are a wholeness. To know it intellectualy is not enough. We have to experience it personally. The more intimate the experience become, the more it opens the boundaries of our heart and mind. We can support each other to make it more easy. Teachers and students together, all practionners combine in one intention. To open more and more and let go of all tenses, all fixities to become aware of true self. Beyond words and concepts. To open ourself and the humanity into a new way of living, more harmonious, joyful, healthy, and heartful.


Zoom access

ID number: 963 549 8652
Password : 999999
Hun Yuan Ling Tong!

You can find free sessions here

audios: May 9th 

2 videos : Laqi - Distant healing :

Stage pur amour

New retreat

Directly Use Yiyuanti

the third level of matter-conscious information

To improve health level,

Strengthen work ability

Be more efficient,

Expand business and career
From july 15th to august 9th 2020

3 times a week : wednesday, saturday, sunday

English class leads only in english, no with translation in.

Other rooms in french, spanish, german, hebrew and more.

Beijing time 8.30 – 11 pm

Paris time 14h30 -17h

Buenos Aires time 9.30 am – 12 pm

For your timeline, check here :


Lead by Xi'an center 

and Hainan center teachers
Qigong science​ research center  

in collaboration with french and israelian teachers

Hello everyone,we are very happy to let you know that the Xi'an centre and Hainan centre will cooperated to give an unique online retreat. Together, we will create a powerful and effective yiyuanti information field for our life, work and career.


To use directly Yiyuanti

For every one of us, the Yiyuanti is completely pure and even ; Extremely powerful and infinite, it can connect and penetrate everything in the universe.

The zhineng science is developed now to a new age, We are focusing more on the yiyuanti and the third level of matter. We are more focus to practice and purify yiyuanti in order to use conscious informations.

The Yiyuanti information field is getting stronger, more powerful,more effective. So we can directly use Yiyuanti information to comprehensively improve our health level, strengthen our work ability and efficiency and to expand our business and enterprise.

moon sun.jpg

To improve health level

We  will directly use Yiyuanti information to improve our health level. Yiyuanti hunyuanqi is the highest level of Qi in the universe, it can penetrate any level of Qi in the universe. Based on this principle, it also can penetrate any part of body, to penetrate any organ, tissue, cell. It can make their Qi abundant and flowing well, for all functions to become normal. It can improve the whole life to be a high level life.


Strengthening our work and business,expand our vision and career

We will directly use yiyuanti, the third level of matter-conscious information to :

  • Strengthen our work and business ;

  • Enhance work ability and efficiency;

  • Expand our vision and career,

  • Develop our business and enterprise.

Hun yuan ling tong !!



Yiyuanti theory

Three level theory of matter

The third level of matter-information

The conscious information and life

The yiyuanti information field

The yiyuanti and reference framework

How to use conscious information in our daily life

How to use conscious information in our work and career

What is the real meaning of life

How to use conscious information for enhance work ability and efficiency

How to use conscious information for expand the business and enterprise

The zhineng science viewpoint of world

La Qi (open and close qi)
Chen Qi (stretch qi)
Eight phrases
Yiyuanti Kai-He​

Healing sessions

Collective healing session with the powerful yiyuanti field
 Collective healing to improve life as a whole

Xi'an and Hainan teachers's team

Click on teacher name to know more about him or her

Hainan centre:

Teacher Jianshe

Teacher Jingjing

Click here to discover the Hexianju qigong center

Xi'an centre:

Teacher Yuan Ming

Teacher Zhu Wanfeng

Teacher Gao Yaqun

Click here to discover the Xi'an research center



Full retreat : 240usd (220€)

recurrent students : 220usd (205€)

recordings only : 210usd (195€)




  •  2h30 sessions during 1 month, 3 times a week

  • Online access to the recording of each session

Payement method will be communicate once you have registered



Any questions, you can ask here :

Below complete the english form and to register to english room 

or the french one for the french and english room.

Important : the english room is just in english,

with no translation in.


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