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The Xi'an center offers
a retreat in China


Healings & deep practices
Purify body and consciousness (Shén)

In person in Hainan, China

From November 4 to 24  2024

Organized by Xi'an Center



21 days retreat in china

Improve body health and the whole life
Heal all kinds of problems
Heal tumors

Improve the Qigong Healing Level

Strengthen emotional self-control ability

Strengthen consciousness power

No visa needed

to enjoy Hainan

You can come directly to Hainan without a visa for 30 days. It is available for 59 countries. All you have to do is enter with your passport and fill in a simple form. Then you can enjoy the island of Hainan for 30 days.

All the information is available at the end of the page.


What a Xi'an center retreat looks like ?

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The retreat is open to everyone.

Beginner or initiated, sick or healthy, young or old, big or small. The level is adapted to everyone.

The practices are simple and accessible without the need for any particular physical condition. The pace of study and practice is designed so that people of all levels can progress together.

3 weeks of practices and healings

1st week - Essential practices and in-depth healing
In-depth practice of the level 1, laqi and chenqi,
Long practice of laqi to go deep within oneself.
Strengthen innate Qi by opening and closing Mingmen and Hunyuan Shen Shi

Discover exclusive videos of the last healing retreat in China
to feel and benefit from this transformative healings

Let's change our lives together,
Let's improve our health for ourselves,
our families, our friends and all humanity

2nd week - Treatment to make tumors disappear
Make tumors of all origins disappear
Make all information and disorders
negative to health disappear.
You will feel and experience the powerful qi field to clear away unhealthy information.

Here is a document released to the public for the first time

A presentation of the results of  8 years of scientific research about disappear tumors treatment
in the Xi'an center and at the universities of Shanghai and Jiangxi

3rd week - Advanced courses
Scientific Qigong research training
Intensive awareness training

Purify the physical body and Shen

Purify the Yiyuanti and the whole life

Open your potential of Life Self-healing

The teachers will give you personalized advice
to go further more after the retreat


The schedule

On the morning of november 4th, classe begin.
On the november 24th at noon, the retreat ends.

The program for each day is as follows:

9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Practice, theory and healing
3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Practice, theory and healing
20:00 - 21:00 Practice


The Qigong center

You will be warmly welcomed in the Qigong Centre. It is extremely pleasant to stay here. The Centre is located on the coast in a small village in the middle of a palm tree forest. It overlooks a small lake where the birds visit and waddle. Ten minutes of cycling brings you to the beach.

You can find below the picture of the center, the rooms, the restaurant and the beautiful surrounding.