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About Xi'an Lingtong

Zhineng Science Research Centre


XI'AN LINTONG Zhineng Science Research Centre was established in October 2015. Primarily focused in research on the essence of Zhineng and its application technology, it encompasses the natural sciences, social sciences and various other disciplines.

The centre consists of four departments and eight laboratory facilities.




  1. Theoretical Education Research Department

  2. Fundamentals of Scientific Research Department

  3. Development of Technology Department

  4. Technology Application Department



  1. The Three-Levels Matter and Philosophy Laboratory

  2. The Development Of Zhineng and Education Laboratory

  3. Brain and Cognitive Science Laboratory

  4. Information Technology Laboratory

  5. The Fundamentals Of Physics Laboratory

  6. Biological and Basic Medical Laboratory

  7. Health Science Laboratory

  8. Zhineng Breeding Laboratory



The Centre has a staff strength of over 20 professors and specialists, including 6 postgraduate masters and doctorate tutors and 23 R&D personnel.


Since March 2010, the Centre had organised various types of training courses involving a total of 5,737 participants and various scientific experiments for a total of 113,338 times.

Since 2015, we have collaborated with

  • Shanghai Tongji University, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wuhan University, Peking University Third Hospital, Guangdong University of Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University

  • National Earth Observatory (Magnetic Free Space Laboratory),

  • Institute of Physics CAS,

  • NPIC (Nuclear Power Institute of China), and other organisations.


We have conducted experiments in the Fundamentals Of Physics on the influence of “The Third-levels matter of the structure and composition of the universe (Consciousness)” on the quantum distribution statistics, magnetism, electricity, light, heat, mass, gravity, and stainless steel cantilever beam stiffness co-efficient.


In additional to this, scientific experiments on the Essence of Qi and the Effect of External Qi been conducted.

The following are the results:


1) A total of 16 research papers were published by different international and local academic conferences.

1. The Fundamentals Of Physics – 7 papers

① The experiments on Consciousness break the quantum distribution statistics. (collaboration with the Institute of Physics CAS and NPIC, one paper each)

② The research on the magnetic effect of Consciousness (collaboration with the National Earth Observatory (Magnetic Free Space Laboratory) and the National Institute of Metrology, one paper each)

③ The research on the thermal effect of Consciousness (collaboration with NPIC)

④ The research on the light effect of consciousness (collaboration with Wuhan University)

⑤ The research on the influence of consciousness on mass (collaboration with Wuhan University)


2. Basic Medical Sciences -- 5 papers

① The Effect of Qigong External Qi on human body tumor

② The experiment on External Qi Terahertz wave effect

③ The research on the Sterilisation of cell type microorganisms using External Qi

④ The research on the effect of External Qi on experimental animal fracture

⑤ The research and observation on reconstructing damaged egg shell by Consciousness Information


3. Applied Medical Sciences -- 2 papers

① A preliminary study on the new model of elderly care and recovery – The application of Qigong in elderly care and recovery

② The exploration and observation on the recovery of granulomatous lobular mastitis by the “open and close La Qi”

4. Education Training -- 2 papers

① The exploration on the method of Chinese Medicine inner proven, perception and realisation of External Qi and the flow of meridian system

② Preliminary Study on the efficiency of brain speed in reading and shorthand under qigong state


2) Media report : The headline of the 《China News of Traditional Chinese Medicine》 on May 19, 2017, "Chinese medicine qigong is no longer a mystery in accordance to modern science"


Between 2015 and 2017 the Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Institute of Qigong Science) has conducted 20 Qigong Recovery Classes. Over 300 participants who were diagnosed with breast cancer, renal cysts, gallstones and other diseases took part in these programs. Through Qigong practice and External Qi treatment, the effectiveness of External Qi therapy was observed. It was documented in real time utilising test equipments.


Of the 367 case studies, 60 cases (16%) of lesion (diseased tissue) completely disappeared either during the Qigong practice or under Real-time Disperse (External Qi treatment), 195 cases (53%) were reduced and 112 cases (31%) remain unchanged.

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