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Series courses on the three-layer of matter theory

research and application

Serie 1

Advanced course on
consciousness and qi

 The introduction to the biggest

research and zhineng science center in China

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Hello to all good friends!

Qigong has reached a new phase.

Teacher Pang told us how to practice now.

We will directly practice the third level of matter.

This is a more advanced way of practicing Qigong,

it allows you to improve your level of Qigong.

Free practice on November 8

from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Central europe time

9:00-10:30pm Beijing time

Course Objectives


Improve essential areas of the body

Heal quickly all sorts of diseases

Improve life quality in its entirety

Have a way to return to your true self

How are we going to practice?

Zhi connaitre le qi

 Zhi  To know the external Qi and the internal Qi clearly and obviously.


Jue  Observe the Qi of the Universe and the internal Qi of your body.


De   Get Qi and assimilate it wherever we are.


Yong  Use Qi to treat all kinds of illnesses. Use the qi

in your daily life, for yourself and for others.

During Qigong practice

Oobserve the complete state of the Qi field and your own state.


During treatment

Oobserve the entirety of a diseased area and observe your own state.


During a Qigong experiment

Observe the whole state of the object of the experiment and observe your own state.

Free practice on November 8

from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

9:00-10:30pm Beijing time

The Xi'an center will organize a series of classes to practice together

and improve our Qigong level and body health together.


Yiyuanti's theory

Professor Pang's latest article


Laqi and ChenQi  

Observe the Qi field

The 5 sounds of the internal organs


The team of teachers

and organizers from the Xi'an Center

Date and hour

All sessions are online via zoom

2p.m. - 4 p.m Central europe time.

9p.m - 11p.m Beijing time
From November 15 to 22  

8 days, every day. 2 hours per session  

Retreat costs

First retreat with the center   190 USD / 180€

Second retreat or more   175 USD / 165€

Recordings only   170 USD / 160€

Registration for english class participant only
The payment information will be given after the registration

If you need a translation, register with your local organiser



The zoom room will be a multiple translation room

It will be one big zoom room with all the translations included in.


If you need a translation, register and pay directly your local organizer

You can send an email at to have the list of the translations available

Registration includes:

16 hours of live sessions

Video and audio recordings,

chaptered and organized to be able to work on them easily

A Whatsapp group to interact live with teachers, organizers and participants

A qi field and consciousness field to support the learning and deepening of theories and methods

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