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Next retreats

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  1. IN CHINA, July 28-August 17, healing course and trip to China

  2. IN CHINA, August 23th to Sept 14th, 23 days retreat organised by the Xi'an center

  3. IN FRANCE, Oct 17th to 21st, mingjue mindfulness and joy workshop



The retreats in details


1.IN CHINA, July 28th -August 17th,


Teachers Tao and Wei organize a healing course and travel

through the sacred mountains and ancient temples of China 

All information are here


2. IN CHINA, August 23th to Sept 14th,

23 days retreat organised by the Xi'an center

The Xi'an center proposes a healing, practise and travelling retreat in live

Becareful, there will be only 35 participants, it will be booked very quickly.

The complete information is here.


3. IN FRANCE, October 17th to 21th

Teacher wei mingjue workshop in france

Mindfulness and happiness


Teacher Wei comes for 5 days to open our child heart
The workshop will be held in english translated in french
If you want the english information about it, please reply to this mail or send a mail at

The french information are here

  • Découvrez la magie du Qi pour soigner votre corps
    08 Jun, 08:00 – 09 Jun, 09:00
    Au centre de Xi'an
    Enrichissez votre vie grâce au Qi et à l'énergie !
  • Healing and Travelling retreat in China
    28 Jul, 19:00 – 17 Aug, 11:20
    Xin Zhou Shi, 2H5W+2GR, 205 Sheng Dao, Wu Tai Xian, Xin Zhou Shi, Shan Xi Sheng, Chine, 035515
    Heal you heart and body in beautiful mountains and ancient cultural wisdom
  • Retraite de soins et voyage en Chine
    Fri, 28 Jul
    Baie de Wolong
    28 Jul, 19:00 – 17 Aug, 12:00
    Baie de Wolong, Chine
    Soignez votre cœur et votre corps dans des montagnes magnifiques et une sagesse culturelle ancestrale
  • Eveiller votre cœur, soigner votre vie
    01 Aug, 14:00 – 07 Aug, 16:00
    Par Wei Qifeng
    Formation en ligne de Qigong avec le professeur Wei
  • Retraite en chine avec le centre de Xi'an
    23 Aug, 09:00 – 14 Sept, 12:00
    Xi'an, Xi'an, Shaanxi, Chine
    Pratiques intensives, soins, recherches scientifiques et voyage
  • Xi'an center face to face retreat in China
    23 Aug, 09:00 CEST – 14 Sept, 16:00 CEST
    Xi'an city, Xi'an, Shaanxi, Chine
    Healing and intensive practice, scientific research and travel
  • Spain world consciousness healing retreat
    29 Sept, 15:00 CEST – 09 Oct, 17:00 CEST
    Spain retreat
    Massive online healing retreat
  • Pleine conscience et joie
    Tue, 17 Oct
    En présentiel et en ligne
    17 Oct, 18:00 – 21 Oct, 16:00
    En présentiel et en ligne, 2 Fbg Saint-Jacques, 07220 Viviers, France
    Avec le professeur Wei en présentiel et en ligne
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