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World consciousness community



Teacher Wei Qi Feng and his qigong friends from the Harmonious Big Family initiated the “World consciousness community” on 19 January 2018. It’s a community based on awake connection to build a worldwide consciousness field to : 

  • Connect practitioners heart to heart in the awake state.

  • Support each other to accelerate awakening.

  • Enhance the evolution of human beings to a higher level.

What is the awake state of being ?

We can understand the awake state as a state of presence. It's to be aware of the self. Not only the activity of the self, but to the experience to be. The recognition of the being is the way and the core of the practise. 

In daily life, our awarness is mostly busy with thoughts activities and things we have to do. We are most of the time occupy by the outside world, forgetting almost totally our self into the material world. We follow ideas about that we need, want and desire for ourself or for others. We rarely stop this flow of activities to come back to just be present in this moment.

To stop to do and come back inside is the starting point to awake the full potential of the consciousness.

It's the way to experience life at a deeper level. There is an open possibility to live a life outside the identification with concepts and thoughts about ourself and about the world. We can appreciate ourself and the moment with generosity, happiness and peace. To feel heartfully the tenderness and love of the present moment.

It's a way to awake the consciousness beyond mind and emotional activities in order to really transform our mind and heart. To explore our potential of real freedom, love, joy and peace that exists inside each of us. We call it pure consciousness state, or awaken state of being.


What is mingjue ?







To experience this state deeper,

this is two guided meditations 


Requirements to participate

  • The participants should be interested in consciousness growth.


  • The participants need to arrange free time to join the online training.

  • The participants should take care of purifying the human consciousness field.


Hunyuan Ling Tong

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