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5 Free online sessions

 thursday october

Time goes very fast,unknowingly Autumn is falling on China.

Autumn is the time to harvest. Autumn represents fruitful achievements and joy.


What about you, our good friends,

Do you get some good achievements ?


Autumn is also a very good period to practice Qigong. To collect and gather all Qi and good information back to nourish our life and yiyuanti.


The xi’an centre will hold

5 days free sessions


Together with all participants,

we will practise for the world and all beings.


3 healing sessions

Thursday 8 october

Friday 9th

Saturday 10 th

5 pm -6 pm  Beijing time

11h - 12h  Paris time

2 straight legs sitting sessions

Sunday 11 october

10 pm - 11 pm  Beijing time

16h - 17h  Paris time

Monday 12th

9 pm - 10 pm  Beijing time

15h - 16h  Paris time

Please check the time converter for your timeline: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/


We welcome you to enjoy these special practices with Xian centre.

  • We will create together a powerful universal Qi field,

  • to enhance our immunity and all tissues and organs functions.

  • To make our life very healthy, very happy, very good, and very powerful!


We will spread the Qi field and yiyuanti paranormal information to :

  • Our home

  • Our town ,

  • Our country

  • Our world.

  • Bring peace for human beings and for the world.

  • Bring harmony, love and gratitude !


Love your self ! Love your family!

Love your nation ! Love the nature and world!

All the sessions are free, but it will be welcomed if you would like to contribute for support Qigong scientific research of Xian zhineng science research centre.

Teacher Gao’s Paypal account for contribution : lingtongyaya@163.com


Xi'an center's teachers team  

Recordings of all previous sessions 

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This zoom link and password are for all the session:

English room


ID  : 878 0224 5201
Pass : 0000

Hun Yuan Ling Tong!

Salle française :


ID de réunion : 938 1855 8094
Code secret : 0000

Italian room :

With Delia Trezza

Meeting ID : 565 316 695

Spanish room :

With Marie Xinlan


ID de reunión: 864 8888 5580
Código de acceso: 048696


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