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Our personal experience of consciousness is a focal point of the consciousness field


Hao la !

🎉 The Xi'an center presents a new workshop ❤️


Intensive laqi training

and healing course


Long practices and healings 🥰 Few theories

Very deep training of Hun Yuan Shen Shi


All information are here :

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Thursday 11 november

9:00 to 10:30 pm - Beijing time

14h to 15h30 - Central europe time


Click here to access

ID : 862 3761 1708

Pass : haola! 


Through long practises, we will

🟣 Strengthen our Yiyuanti field 🌎 Consciousness field

🟡 Go deeper and deeper in our body to clean and transform

🟤 Strengthen the innate Qi ☄️ and innate information

🟢 Deeply heal and recover 💊 from many kind of diseases

🌀 Deeply purify and improve your whole life 🎊


The registration form is at the bottom of the page


Why long practises are more effective ?

❤️ Qi and consciousness go deeper and deeper to transform

🧡 Qi becomes abundant and flow well

💛 Consciousness becomes strong and stable

🤍 We overcome our body limitations

🖤 We overcome our consciousness fixations

💜 We release our life and merge completely in the Qifield

🌀 Then, we use its infinite power to transform ourself

Hao la !

Mingjue Gongfu
26 Jun 2021, 14:00 – 15 Apr 2022, 18:00
Par Wei Qifeng