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in India

Tuesday 18th December 2019 to Friday 17th January 2020



Finding true self 

A love story


All religions, spiritualities and practises come from the true self realm. It is a way to be human totally different from the normal way.


It's a deeper level of existence. From this deep, we can redefine all our life. Through the direct experience of the reality, we can break the egoic shell. Mind patterns can be opened  and transformed. Logical thinking can be desintegrates into a deeper consciousness level. The controlling mind can be dissolved into a free mode of existence that is our true self.


The body follows mind instructions. When the mind is renewed, the body is automatically regenerated. It is possible to make radical changes. Normally, we experience life superficially. We are rarely awaken to our deeper self, our true essence. We are stuck at the ego way of thinking, feeling and doing. We repeat same patterns for years, and sometimes for all our lifetime. We pass through life with too few presence to be really able to experience love, freedom, health and joy of life


Through the practise of « conditionned dharmas » and « unconditionned dharmas » (to be explained during the retreat), we will have the opportunity to experience direct, automatic and rapid transformation of the body, emotion and mind pains and problems. During 30 days, we will pass through a process to return to reality, to our nature, to our true self. All illnesses, pains and stress will become new gifts to help us to awake. When we open ourself and accept the unity, we open the possibility for all problems to flow and transform freely and automatically. Old habits to firmly control our life will be broken. This break down will offer us the possibility to end a life of slavery and pains. It is a life miracle that is blossoming for us, we will become the creative master of our own destiny. We can live a life of freedom, joy and love for ourself, for our beloved and for all humanity.

We will : 

  • Clean subconscious,

  • Improve will power,

  • Do nothing in the restful peace of the self. 

  • Listen the silence of our heart merging with the soft sun of India.

  • Practice simple movements to purify consciousness deeper and deeper.

  • Share deep teachings about ego, true self, emotions and reference system.

  • Support each other to go deeper to transform our mind and emotional patterns.

  • Together, we are taking a shortcut to transform our life deeper and faster.


Teacher Lu Zhengdao

Lu Zhengdao has been trained and worked at the Huaxia center for years. Inspired by Dr. Pang, Lu completely changed his awareness of life’s values and perception of the world, he formed an unique view of “how the material world changes people” and “what a true person should be”. Lu teaches qi healing theory and practices combined with other knowledge and sciences of Buddhism, Daoism, Psychology, Western medicine and Chinese medicine. Lu has been teaching and training more than 50,000 people in more than 21 countries and areas all over the world in the past 27 years.

Since 2000, Lu has successfully implemented the most advanced science of Psychiatry and Immunology into qigong practice and clinical healing, creating Dao Qi Health Culture.



The retreat is from the tuesday 18th december to the friday 17th of january.

There are possibilities to arrive and leave 1 or 2 days ealier and after : From the monday 16th december and to the sunday 19th of january. 



1700€ for one month of tuition, accomodations and food. It doesn't include extras days of staying, nor taxis fees to come and go to the airport.



We will be hosted at the Greenland ashram. It is in the border of tiruvannamalai's city at 5 kilometers from Arunachala Shiva mountain. This mountain is one of the holiest place of the south India. High level practionners like Ramana Maharshi lived there. They organised a strongly transformative qi field in the area. It will benefit us during our quest for true self as well as it benefits to mankind. 



The Greenland ashram has western confort bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets.

All rooms are shared.


Meals are vegetarians without eggs. They are designed according to ayurvedic wisdom for the mind and heart to stay clear and vivid.


Number of practioners


We will be a group of 29 people.



The closest airport is the Chennai international airport. From the airport, a taxi will bring you to the ashram. We will organise it for your arrival. 




7:00 am – 8:30

Breakfast time

9:45 – 12:15

Lunch time

2:45  – 5:15

Diner time

7:00 – 8:30

Night practice or sleeping time


Saturday afternoon and sundays are free to rest and visit indian beauties.


The world consciousness community and Dao qi health culture

are happy to invite you to open our heart and thrive together.


Thank you for joining us
Hao la !



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