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7 gates open and close
7 gates open and close

Wed, 12 May


By the Xi'an center

7 gates open and close

Intensive practise to strengthen middle meridian qi

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Time & Location

12 May 2021, 14:30 CEST – 16 Jun 2021, 18:30 CEST

By the Xi'an center

About the event

7 gates open and close

Intensive training course

Hello all dear friends,

We just finished a 8 days conference on the Three-layer substance theory applied in various scientific fields. With all good and paranormal information of the conference, we connect together the powerful Qi field of Xi’an zhineng scientific research centre to start a new workshop on may.

Strengthen the Qi of middle meridian to

  • Enhance our body vitality and Yuan Qi
  • Heal all health issues
  • Deeply improve our life quality and Qigong level
  • Purify consciousness

The strengthening of the middle meridian is for both Buddhism and Taoism of great importance :

In buddhism: The practice is to open the middle meridian, in which all energy is absorbed, gathered and stored. They activate the middle meridian through practice methods, and then it start to go up. Only through the understanding of the  middle meridian role, with many ways to activate it, can someone thoroughly remould oneself. It has powerful and magical effects.

In taoism: The human body is an energy complex where the middle meridian is the base camp of the human energy. The middle meridian and Dantian are equivalent to the sub-station and battery of the human body. They are the energy collectors, storage and transportation centers of the human body, as well as the hub for the qi and blood circulation.

There are 7 centres on the middle meridian. Through an intensive tranining of the 7 centres, one can strengthen the Qi of the middle meridian. It gathers Qi to the body deep inside and nourish the whole life deeply. Body health can quickly be improved.

Free sessions

1 free session to present the workshop

9 of May

15h – 16 central europe time 9:00-10:30pm beijing time

2 healing sessions 7 & 8 May

15h – 16h CentralEurope time 9:00-10:00pm beijing time


Three-layer substance theory

The third level matter-consciousness information

The magical human qi body


Main Method:

Open and close the 7 gates

1,Hui yin

2,Guan yuan

3,Hun yuan shen shi

4,Hun yuan qiao



7,Head centre

Other Methods:

Wall squats with Mingmen Kaihe

Standing meditation with a small stone

Throat breathing

Qigong experiment

We will be connected with the Yiyuanti information Field of Qigong science, to do some Qigong experiments during course.


Xi’an centre's teachers team

Retreat fees

Paypal fees are not included

Thank you to add them to your final payment

First workshop       Second retreat or more        Recordings only

200euro                  180euro                                   165euro

230usd                    205usd                                     185usd

This include :

12 sessions of 2h30 each during one month via Zoom (30h)

Online community for live support during the retreat

Online access and download to video and audio recordings

Splitted recordings to separate teachings and practises to ease the study

The support of the yiyuanti field for everyone to get what he really wants


From 12 May --16 June

Wednesday Saturday Sunday

2h30 each session

In May : 12 – 15-16  – 19 – 22-23 – 26

In June : 2 - friday 4 - 12-13 - 16

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