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3 weeks of healings and deep practices
3 weeks of healings and deep practices

Tue, 02 Apr



3 weeks of healings and deep practices

Face to face in China and also online !

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Time & Location

02 Apr 2024, 09:00 – 22 Apr 2024, 12:00

Xi'an, Xi'an, Chine, 710516

About the event

The Xi'an center offers 

3 weeks of healings and deep practices 

Open the second life system 

In person in China and online 

From April 2 to 22, 2024 

Organized by Xi'an Center 

21 days retreat in china and through internet to : 

 Improve vitality on all levels 

Heal all kinds of problems 

Remove tumors 

Strengthen consciousness 

Strengthen and purify yiyuanti 

Improve the Qigong level 

The retreat is open to everyone.

Beginner or initiated, sick or healthy, young or old, big or small. The level is adapted to everyone.The  practices are simple and accessible without the need for any particular  physical condition. The pace of study and practice is designed so that  people of all levels can progress together.

3 weeks of practices and healings 

1st week - Essential practices and in-depth healing

In-depth practice of the level 1, laqi and chenqi, 

Long practice of laqi to go deep within oneself.  

Strengthen innate Qi by opening and closing Mingmen and Hunyuan Shen Shi  

2nd week - Treatment to make tumors disappear 

Make tumors of all origins disappear 

Make all information and disorders harmful to health disappear. You will feel and experience the powerful qi field to clear away unhealthy information. 

We will do a treatment session to make tumors disappear under ultrasound at the Xi'an center. Bring the results of a recent medical report if you want to do this session. 

3rd week - Advanced courses 

Scientific Qigong research training

Intensive awareness training 

Strengthen and purify Yiyuanti

Open the second life system 

The teachers will give you personalized advice to go further more after the retreat 

2 ways to participate Online from your home or directly from China 

There will be 18 days of online retreat, With a 2-hour session each day (except 3 Mondays) These will be practice, healings and theory sessions. Wherever you are in the world you will be able to share the great qi  field of this retreat, either live online or with recordings. All  details are given below. 


On the morning of April 2, classe begin 

We will have classes from Tuesday to Sunday afternoon.   

Sunday classes end at 6:30 p.m. Mondays are free.   

The first week is from Tuesday 2 to Sunday 7 

The second from Tuesday 9 to Sunday 14 

The third from Tuesday 16 to Sunday 22   

The program for each day is as follows: 

Times are in Beijing time  

9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Practice, theory and healing 


3:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Practice, theory and healing 


20:00 - 21:00 Practice 

After that, you can soak in a thermal bath.   

The internet sessions will take place 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. 

For 18 days, every day, except 3 Mondays 

Our hotel between thermal springs and wild mountains 

We  are going to the south of Xi'an city. Where the roads disapear in the  mountains. Buildings become forests that rise into the blue sky. The  city calms down and relaxes by the Tangyu river. Time passes to the  rhythm of the thermal springs. The hotel is close to a Buddhist mountain  its qi field harmonizes the area. 

The meals will be varied and balanced, the chinese food is very good. Carnivores and vegetarians alike will be satisfied. Each room has WiFi. Depending on your wishes, the rooms are for two or alone, beautiful, bright rooms or luxurious suites. 

Thermal springs 

The thermal tradition has existed for a very long time in these mountains. The whole region is famous for these hot springs. In the hotel, all the water is thermal, from the shower to the tap. The  hotel has thermal baths available and the village center has large  thermal baths open to all. Once the practices are over, we can relax in a  naturally healthy warm water. 6 rooms are equipped with bathtubs to create your own thermal bath! 


There are two ways to participate in the retreat: Online, from home In person, from China    

Online retreat There will be 18 days of online retreat, With a 2-hour session each day (except 3 Mondays) These will be practice, treatment and theory sessions.    

You can register for:  

The first 6 days (12 hours) is the first week.  

The first 12 days (24 hours) are the first and second weeks. 

The 18 days (36 hours) are the entire retreat.   

The first week is from Tuesday 2 to Sunday 7: Essential practices and in-depth healings 

The second week runs from Tuesday 9 to Sunday 14: Treatment to remove tumours 

The third week runs from Tuesday 16 to Sunday 22: Advanced courses   

The costs : 

1st week: €100/110 USD  (12 hours with recordings) 

1st and second: 180€/ 190 USD (24 hours with recordings) 

3 weeks: €250 / 260 USD (36 hours with recordings)   

Money should not be a barrier, if you have payment difficulties, send me  an email to and we will organize a schedule for you to be able to follow the retreat.  

During the retreat, there will be 2 or 3 days where we will be in the  mountains or visiting. On these days, the internet connection can be of  lower quality.    

Face-to-face retreat   The retreat begins on the morning of April 2 and ends on April 22 at noon. The price is (approximately 2000€ / 2150 USD) all expenses included, including taxi to the hotel).

The price in euros or dollars will be based on the exchange rate at the time of payment.   

The rooms There are 3 levels of quality for the rooms: either normal quality rooms, luxury suites or the special suite. 

The price of the retreat includes a normal shared room.

 If you want a normal room on your own, you will need to add 100 CNY per day (about €13/ 14 USD).   

There are 6 normal rooms with a bath instead of a shower, their price is : Shared room with bath: 50 CNY extra per day (about €6.50/ 6.90 USD) 

Single room with bath: 150 CNY extra per day in total, there is no other cost. (approx. €19/ 20,50 USD)   

For the deluxe rooms, you will have two separate rooms, one with a living room and one with a king-size bed and bathroom. There are 3 suites available for an additional CNY 300 per day. (about 38€ / 41 USD) 

There is a special suite with a large bath inside to have a thermal bath  at your disposal, its price is 700 CNY more per day. (about 89€ / 96  USD)   There is no extra charge for the suites if you book them alone. If you  take them as a couple, then the extra cost per day is halved.

The payemnt of the extra  cost for rooms will be calculated on the spot according to the price of  the yuan at the time of payment.  


Bank details will be given to you after registration. 

Registration is validated after sending a deposit of €150 / 160 USD 

There is no deposit to send for the online sessions. All money transfer fees are yours to pay.  

Full payment is made in cash once at the hotel. If it is not easy for  you to travel with cash, you can make payment by bank transfer or paypal  to the teachers. Money should not be a barrier. If you have payment  difficulties, send me an email to and we will  organize a schedule for you to be able to come with us.   Once registration has been validated, the deposit will not be refunded, except in special cases. For any questions, send an email to 

Practical questions 

How to come ? The  retreat begins on the morning of the 2nd, you can arrive a few days  before to acclimatize and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the hotel.  There is an international airport in Xi'an city, 1.5 hours from our  hotel. We will arrange transportation from the airport. Once you have  your plane ticket, please let us know your flight number and arrival  time.  

 How much does an extra day at the hotel cost ? If you are coming before or staying after retirement, here are the  prices for extra nights. For normal rooms, the price is 200 CNY per day,  if there are two of you in the room, only 100 CNY. If you are in a  suite, the price is 400 CNY per day. If you are in the special suite,  the price is 800 CNY more per day. The price in US dollar or euro will  be fixed at the time of payment according to the current exchange rate.

How to leave? On the 22nd at noon the retreat ends, you can easily return to the  airport in the afternoon. We will arrange a taxi according to your  schedule.To change money You can easily exchange money once you arrive in Xi'an city.   

Payment : The  deposit is to be paid by bank transfer or paypal. The remaining retreat  amount will be paid in cash directly on site according to the change  rate at the moment of the payment.  

Visa : To come to China, you need a tourist visa. The visa application is made online at You must first complete an online application then make an appointment  with one of the centers. Generally, you need to go there in person to  give your fingerprints. We will provide you with all the papers to make  the process simple. It would be better to ask for the visa at least 1 month before departure.​​

Weather and temperature : In April, there is often sunshine and sometimes rain. Temperatures range are from 5 to 25 degrees on average.

Director  Wang, teacher Yuan, teacher Dong, all teachers from Xi'an Center and I  welcome you in this retreat. We hope you will find what you really want  and that this retreat will improve your life and the lives of those who  love you. Haola!​For any questions send me an email on

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