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Advanced Course of eating Qi & transforming Qi
Advanced Course of eating Qi & transforming Qi

Sat, 10 Dec


From the Xi'an center

Advanced Course of eating Qi & transforming Qi

Improve your life quality Strengthen consciousness

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Time & Location

10 Dec 2022, 13:30 CET – 15 Jan 2023, 16:00 CET

From the Xi'an center

About the event

Advanced Course of eating Qi & transforming Qi

Improve your life quality

Gain more freedom

Strengthen consciousness (shen)

Enhance yiyuanti functions

Good friends, do you know what is Eating Qi ?Do you know that Human being have more ways to get energy and substance to support one’s life? Do you know we can get more life freedom ?

In our modern knowledge, we think we must rely on food and nutrition for our living. But there are more and more scientific experiments that proves that human beings can get a special substance from universe to support one’s life and live well ! In Zhineng science, we call this kind of matter the original hunyuanqi, it is the third level of matter in the universe.

Eating Qi means that we can directly get hunyuanqi from universe through some special Qigong techniques. The original hunyuanqi come into the body. It is transformed into our own Qi to support life activities. It creates a purer and healthier life. Our life become more free and more powerful!

2 free sessions to practise & topresent the retreat

29 Nov & 6 Dec

14.00-15:30pm CET time

9-10:30pm beijing time

7-8:30am mexico time

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Eating qi & Rou qi

Eating Qi

The method of eating Qi is the first method of the “Eight methods to practise Qi” of Zhineng science. It is aconvenient and fast method to have sufficient Qi in the human body. Eating qi is done through themovements of the mouth to eat the original hunyuanqi into the body combined with special sounds. The body becomes full of qi.

Rou Qi

The method of Rou Qi is the second method of the “Eight methods to practise Qi. It is the continuation of the method of eating Qi. It further massages Qi in the stomach which come from Eating Qi. It opensand transforms into your own Qi. It strengthensthe internal Qi. To combine Eating qi and Rou qi isgood tocultivate and replenish the Zhong qi (the acquired qi) It enhancesthe merging and transforming of the inner organs hunyuanqi. It practices theQi into bone marrow.

Hun qi & Hua qi

Hun Qi

The method of Hun qi is the seventh method of the “Eight methods to practise Qi”. Itis used to further strengthen the merging and transforming of the internal qi and the externalqithrough hands movements .  There is a particular place in the human body called Hunyuan palace. This place ispractisedto improve and purifyinner organs qi and consciousness. The boundary between the physical body and the external Qi of Hunyuan palace can be integrated by the practice ofHunqi in hunyuan palace. It strengthens the function of the consciousness.

Hua Qi

The method of Hua qi is the eighth method of the “Eight methods to practise Qi”. The Huaqi method has two meanings : On one hand, to transform the physical body into qi. It is a process of  purification of the qi. The body hunyuan qi is purified into inner organs hunyuan qi which is purified further into brain cells hunyuan qi. The Qi becomes finer and rises up to nourish the brain and Yiyuanti. It strengthens the function of Yiyuanti. On the other hand, it transforms qi into body form. It makes qi is sufficient within the whole body.

The most of movements of Hun qi and Hua qi methods are on the head and hunyuan palace.


Hunyuan qi theory

Hun hua theory

Human hunyuan qi

Yiyuanti theory

Special fasting experience with Eating Qi

During Eating Qi, we will experience fasting for 3 days or less. You will be free to do it or not according to your situation. We will give you some suggestions about body reactions and   consciousness states during the fasting for everything to go very well for you !


Xi’an centre's teachers team


The retreat will be in one room where all the translation will be. For the registration, you need to register with your local organiser . If you want to know which is the local organiser for your language, please send a mail at

Date and time

All session are online through

13:30 – 16:00pm Central europetime

8:30 – 11:00pm Beijing time

6:30 – 9:00am Mexico time

2h30 for each session

OnDecember: 10th, 11th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 20th,

the vacation of Christmas and new year of 2023.

Then January 2023: 2th, 3th,9th, 12th, 14th, 15th.

Two Free Sessions to practise & presentation ofthe retreat

29 Nov & 6 Dec

14.00-15:30pm CET time

9-10:30pm beijing time

7-8:30am mexico time

Retreat fees

First retreat 230 € or usd

Second retreats or more 210 € or usd

Recordings only 200 € or usd

Participants will send directly their payment through paypal to :

Teacher Yuan:

Teacher Dong:

Once the payment is made send an email to the teacher to the same  email address.

If the paypal account is not suitable for you, you can write an email to teacher Dong and teacher Yuan to receive their bank details.

All sessions are recorded and accessible few hours after the session

You can stream or download them in audios and videos

Please consult the time converter for your local time


For any questions, send a mail at

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