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Intensive spine training
Intensive spine training

Wed, 01 Sept


By the Xi'an center

Intensive spine training

Let’s fly with our dragon

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Time & Location

01 Sept 2021, 14:30 CEST – 03 Oct 2021, 17:00 CEST

By the Xi'an center

About the event

Intensive spine training

Let’s fly with our dragon

Hello to all good friends

Do you know that there is a dragon in your body ?

Do you know how important it is that this dragon works for your life ?

Do you want to discover and know more about this special dragon ?

Do you want to activate and fly with your dragon ?

It is the spine, the spine is a dragon in our body. It is very important for our whole life ! It connects our brain and all internal organs. All nerves run from the spine to the entire body, inside and out.

That's why, in all eras, practitioners have attached great importance to the spine. They have insisted on practising and maintaining the spine so that it remains very strong and supple, very flexible like a dragon.

So we are happy to let your know, we will offer an intensive training course of the spine in order to:

Correct your spine

Straighten your spine

Open and loose the whole spine

Open and loose every vertebrae

Make it more flexible and soft

Heal all spinal diseases

Heal all illnesses related to the spine

Let’s fly with our dragon !

Theories :

Structure of the spine

Yiyuanti theory

The three layers of substance theory

How to practise the spine from yiyuanti ?

How to use yiyuanti to lead the practise to give deeper and more effective result ?

The yiyuanti field

Yiyuanti information - the third level of matter

The importance of yiyuanti state in practise and in daily life


Bow the spine with dragon head

Gu ben pei yuan- live dragon method

Wallsquats with Mingmen Kaihe

Rotating and turning the spine

Throat breathing with the spine

Open and close the spine

Retreat fees

First retreat 185usd - 165euro

Recurrent students 170usd - 155euro

Recordings only 155usd - 140euro

It includes recordings that can be downloaded and streamed at any time

Participants will send directly their payment  through paypal to :

Teacher Gao :

Teacher Yuan     Once the payment is made send an email to the teacher.

If paypal is not suitable for you, we will provide you with bank details.


1 Septembre -- 3 October 2021

The retreat will be online via Zoom

There will be 2 sessions a week : Wednesday & Friday

Except wednesday 8 of september and finish on sunday 3 october

14h30 – 17h Paris time                                  20:30 – 23:00 pm Beijing time

Please consult the time converter for your local time:

Send a mail at

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