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New moon


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Every practitioner during the full moon and new moon throughout Europe can join together to practice mingjue mindfulness.

Uniting our intentions can greatly intensify our action in the field of inquiry and in the field of consciousness.

This provides great benefits for both our personal life and for all people.

I hope to see you at the next session, to have more open hearts that celebrate the awareness and tenderness of the entire universe.

The connection URL:

During these significant moments, practitioners, teachers and healers from around the world train simultaneously to refine the field of qi and improve harmony the consciences of each being.

It brings benefits

  • To heal our body and our mind.

  • To help to practice at a higher level through the support of the entire Qi Gong Qi zhineng field.

  • For all beings, humans,  animals or plants to be healthy and harmonious.

  • All the universe benefits the conscious harmony we all generate togethe. 

Let's join together. :)

To practice together andlearn about online practices:

To join the community world mingjue:


To study worldwide:

Hunyuan Ling Tong

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